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Hi, I'm Allan Baptista

I'm known for being an expert full-stack developer.

I'm known for being a proven product manager.

I'm known for being a critical thinker.

I'm known for being a problem solver.

I'm known for building effective teams.

I'm known for being an inspiring team leader.

I'm known for being an impactful organization leader.

I'm known for being an unrecoverable workaholic.

I'm known for being a solid entrepreneur.

I'm known for being a dog person.

I'm known for being a loving husband.

I'm known for not giving up easily.

I'm known for making people laugh.

Me at Hurb's office


Through diverse roles, ranging from technical leadership to business and product leadership, I was able to become a seasoned leader that can adapt to almost any team, area and situation. Because of this diverse experience I am able to help your company achieve it's current goals more effectively.

My leadership path


After almost 10 years building tech-based products, in roles ranging from developer to group product manager, I was able to develop a holistically complete set of skills that can help companies build end-to-end products. With my exeperience and toolbox I can help your company build successful products your customers love .

Products i've built


With my 15+ year experience in software development, in projects of diverse business areas and complexity, I became an expert that always manages to keep up with the latest technology. Thus, my extensive set of skills can be a competitive advantage to your company when navigating the ever more complex tech landscape.

My tech skills

Can I Help Your Company?

If you think someone like me is a good bet to help your company solve your current problems, feel free to contact me and schedule a meeting.

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